Atomic Redster WC CTD

Atomic Redster WC CTD

Meet Atomic Redster WC CTD: the helmet born on the racecourse and used by athletes including Mikaela Shiffrin, Mauro Caviezel, Marco Schwarz and Manuel Feller.

Atomic Redster WC CTD is the elite FIS-approved World Cup helmet developed and used by Mikaela Shiffrin, Mauro Caviezel and the rest of the Atomic racing team!

The hand-crafted Carbon Racecase shell with multi-directional lay-up is basically as strong as you get. While an AMID foam system delivers up to 30% higher impact protection than FIS standards require.

 It’s smart-tech enabled and comes with Atomic Shocksense, which links to your smartphone to give an accurate assessment of your helmet’s condition, and transmits an SOS alert to emergency contacts if it senses a heavy impact.

It’s comfortable too! With integrated Acoustic Plates for better hearing, a shape designed to match your tuck position, and a 360° RS Fit System that’s customizable to your head shape for 100% personalized comfort, straight out of the box.


Uses a sensor inside your helmet to transmit impact and GPS data to the Atomic Shocksense App.

Live Fit

Surrounds your head 360° and molds to your head shape for an instant individual fit.

3D Moulded Ear Pads

Shaped for comfort and fit, surrounding your ears to keep them warm and protected in all conditions.

RS Full Cap Liner

All in one piece with integrated 3D-molded ear pads, for a perfect, comfortable and snug fit.

Magnetic Fidlock® Buckle

Super easy to open and close one-handed – even with gloves on – and never pinches the skin.

Acoustic Plates

Integrated helmet plates positioned over each ear, with small holes enabling you to hear clearer.


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Atomic Redster WC CTD

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