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I’m obsessed with working with people who want to learn, improve and grow using the mountains as a backdrop for continued personal growth. I know, from the years I’ve lived in the Alps and the many opportunities I’ve had to explore the natural environment let alone my own personal development; it has spurred me on to share what I’ve learned with others in a safe supportive coaching program. Time outside can be transformational and I want to help others experience the magic of the mountains regardless of the time of year.

However, it’s not always been simple or easy and like many – 2020 was a terrible year even if you were living in the mountains. Not only did the effects of Covid 19 force the closure of my ski business and my only source of income; but sadly I lost my Dad, and was also myself recovering from a badly broken leg.

It was incredibly difficult at times to look at the positives because any one of these individual events could have been a terrible setback, so with them compounding together, I felt the pressure increase.

It did not happen overnight, and it took me time, but I found that I was able to tap into my ski coaching skills and personal experiences – to reflect back as to why I came to the mountains in the first instance. I remembered the joy, excitement and inspiration the mountains gave me – which made me be grateful for each and every day I continue to have and accept that these challenges would make me a better person.

With renewed inspiration, I had to pivot my business to online and turned a dream into reality.

Because I knew from my years ski teaching and the transformational situation of my own experience in 2020, the personal growth power of the mountains needed to be shared with more people. With that in mind and being fully aware of the challenges of time on snow, I created The Ski Touring Kickstarter Online Course which coaches skiers on how to successfully prepare for time off piste, without confusion and stress.

I continued to dare and push myself both online and offline. Online – The Freeflo Floss YouTube Channel was launched this year and through the power of video, I help skiers achieve success by building their confidence through challenging their existing beliefs and boundaries. Offline – I thrust myself into formidable task of successfully climbing and skiing the tallest mountain in the Alps – Mont Blanc.

Today, I am dedicated to guiding, motivation and encouraging people to move forward and unlock their full potential through one to one coaching in a safe and supportive program. We all have challenges to overcome and helping others experience the joy of the mountains and achieve their dreams fires me up; I look forward to helping you too.

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