Neilson Active Holidays | Brand Profile

Neilson Active Holidays is a holiday comparison site. From beach club, ski & board and sailing, choose the type of adventure that appeals to you most and go for the best price, in the best place. Neilson references a maximum of places and activities that you just have to choose from in order to narrow down your choices.

Welcome to holidays for doers. For get up and give it a goers. With all-you-can-sail boats, all-you-can-ride bikes and all-you-can-ski pistes. Sure, we’ve got sun loungers. But people tend to fall into them after a day well spent. This is a holiday where a glass of rosé tastes even better because you’ve earned it. Where people talk over dinner because they’ve got loads to talk about.

Where you sleep the deepest sleep, with a tired body but a rested mind. And everyone goes home more relaxed, because they’ve truly switched off. Discover our all-you-can-do holidays at beachclubs, sailing and mountain ski resorts across Europe.

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