Millet | Brand Profile

Millet has been a prescriber in the field of backpacks since the 1930s for carrying commissions. Millet naturally became the reference brand for technical products for the mountains. The brand covers a wide range of products for mountaineering, climbing, hiking, trekking, skiing and fast hiking. Thanks to its history but above all to the quality of its products, Millet is a great reference in the field of mountain clothing.

From grocery shopping bags to the Himalayan mountains and greatest mountaineers in climbing history, Millet is all about expeditions. 
Founded and based in Annecy, the brand has taken part in a century of mountain sports, gearing up the majors and the amateurs. It’s a story about canvas and mountains, it’s a family story, and a story about the yellow SHERPA 50 backpack used by a whole generation. A story we all relate to.

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