Maloja | Brand Profile

Maloja is a German sportswear and lifestyle brand created in 2004. It is a specialist in several sports such as cycling, outdoor, cross-country and ski touring. The German brand’s clothing is versatile and dedicated to a specific sport.

Since its creation, Maloja soon became a coined phrase in our circle of friends, the equivalent of anything heartfelt, true and beautiful. If the food tasted good it was Maloja. A peak, a trail or just a certain moment in time that felt good, it was Maloja. 

The moment shared at that simple rope tow became our paradigm for going your own way. It doesn’t take much to create a perfect day, just some courage, imagination and good friends. When we started in 2004 to create the mission for our own brand, we looked to the revelation we experienced on that fateful day in 2001. It seemed only right to name the brand Maloja. For us life is simply “Maloja”

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