Winter 21/22 Resort update – October 2021

Snow Sports are outside, well ventilated & usually interaction is in small groups. At least, that is, until the popular ‘Après’ part of the day arrives, which is possibly the main cause of concern for resorts.

Recent reports across the Snow Sports industry are looking positive as we approach this coming Winter season, here’s a few of the Key updates we’ve read about in the last few days.


The French Government has confirmed that the country is planning for all lifts to open this winter with minimal restrictions. Other than ensuring you have your Covid vaccination certificate, the current plans seem to involve business as usual, albeit we expect some lift capacities to be reduced in some more congested areas.

The thoughts of using a ‘Sanitary Pass’ as currently being used in parts of France are being side-lined based on feedback from Ski areas. Besides, they haven’t been especially effective or popular elsewhere in France, at least that’s the well voiced opinion on various social channels.

Regardless, the French authorities are currently suggesting a relatively open approach to Resorts this Winter, in stark contrast to last Winter where Snow Sports were almost shut down completely.

Courchevel, France


Having closed earlier than most & then imposing a near total shutdown last winter, the Italian Government has already announced their plans to open up Snow resorts this Winter. 

Simple restrictions like a ‘Vaccine Passport’ are likely to be required, but there are no current reports of further restrictions. We hope this stays to plan & so do many of the Italian Resorts who suffered greatly last season.

Alta Badia, Italy


With full plans to open lifts, but some restrictions, it will be great news for Snow Sports fans looking to head to Austria.

Some reports suggest a mask, certified to a specific protection level, may be required when not skiing or using lifts & that providing proof of vaccination will be required. We will see how these rules develop over the coming months, but Snow Sports are on!

Kitzsteinhorn, Austria


Switzerland is now generally much more open to travel, there are a small restrictions in place & rules can be localised. It’s always good to check local rules wherever you travel, but certainly right now.

The glacial resorts are already open & are allowing Snow Sports as normal. Snow Sports in Switzerland, with some restrictions, was the most open of the major European countries last season.

Hoch-Ybrig, Switzerland

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