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Summer skiing has resumed for Zermatt Bergbahnen

As of today, September 20, 2022, Zermatt Bergbahnen will be able to resume summer skiing operations on the Theodul glacier.

The precipitation and cold temperatures at just under 4,000 metres above sea level allow for safe and quality snow sports.

Thanks to the ongoing maintenance work on the slopes and installations during the temporary closure, summer skiing operations can be resumed just a few days after the long-awaited precipitation. The only exception is the snow park, which will remain closed.

Summer skiing operations at Matterhorn Glacier Paradise were suspended for around 50 days for safety reasons. After the precipitation and careful examination of the conditions, training for ski teams and general summer skiing operations will resume as usual. Thanks to the colder temperatures, the challenges associated with crevasse activities can be mastered well and the high requirements regarding the safety of all guests who enjoy snow sports are met in full.  

Even during the closure of the summer ski area, the preparatory work on the “Gran Becca” World Cup slope continued unabated. “We remain confident that nothing will stand in the way of the first-ever staging of the “Matterhorn Cervino Speed Opening” at the end of October and beginning of November,” said Markus Hasler, CEO of Zermatt Bergbahnen.

Tickets are still available for the World Cup races at

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