Snowmobile market size is projected to reach US$ 2.9 billion in 2027

Stratview Research, a leading market research firm has launched a report on the Snowmobile Market which provides an in-depth analysis of the market dynamics, current and emerging trends, industry forecast, and competitive landscape.

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How is the Report Helpful?

The report has a very high utility for the key decision-makers and strategists in terms of accurate market insights, future growth opportunities, and key success factors.

Most importantly, the report analyses the possible impact of COVID-19 on the market dynamics which offers cushioning against the uncertain business environment and helps in streamlining the resources and investment decisions in a fruitful manner.

What are the Top Market Drivers?

According to the report, the Snowmobile Market is driven by a host of factors, some of which are noted below: The increasing use of such vehicles for

  • Increasing use of snowmobile for border patrolling, rescue missions etc.
  • Increasing use of snowmobile in sports activities.

The report also includes growth rate estimates based upon the intensity of drivers and constraints and provides the users with several graphical illustrations of the key insights.

Snowmobile Market Segmentation:

Stratview Research has segmented the market in the following 4 ways which fulfill the market data needs of multiple stakeholders across the industry value chain.

  • Type (Mountain, Crossover, Cross Country/Performance, Utility, Touring, and Others)
  • Displacement Type (>400CC, 400-600CC, 600-800CC, and >800CC)
  • By Cylinder Type (One Cylinder, Two Cylinders, and Three Cylinders)
  • Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World)

Snowmobile Market Insights

Market Trends by Type

Based on type, the snowmobile market is classified as mountain, crossover, cross country/performance, utility, touring, and others. Among these vehicle types, mountain and crossover snowmobiles together accounted for more than 50% of the global market in 2021 and are estimated to remain the major ones in the years to come. Crosscountry/performance snowmobile, another noticeable segment, is likely to witness the highest growth in the coming five years.

Market Trends by Displacement Type

Similarly, based on the displacement type, the market is segmented as >400CC, 400-600CC, 600-800CC, and >800CC. Among these sub-segments, 600-800CC snowmobiles are quite popular because of the power delivery of the engines. Moreover, less muscle is required to carry it over terrain and it maintains optimal control of the snowmobile.

Market Trends by Cylinder Type

Likewise, on the basis of cylinder type, the market is segmented as one cylinder, two cylinders, and three cylinders. Among these cylinder types, it is estimated that two cylinder-based snowmobiles will dominate the market throughout the forecast period. Two-cylinder engines produce more power units than three-cylinder engines.

Which region offers the best opportunity and growth?

In terms of regions, North America is expected to remain the largest market for snowmobiles during the forecast period. In 2021, the region alone accounted for more than 84% of global sales. Europe is also expected to grow at a decent rate over the next five years, as a result of its increasing usage of snowmobiles. As winter sports are very popular in North America and many European countries, the near-term prospect of the overall snowmobile industry seems very promising.

COVID-19 Impact on the Snowmobile Market

COVID-19 has put an instant halt to many industries across the globe. Lockdown norms in several countries have swiftly affected the global economy by affecting the supply chain, production, and demand in the market. Both direct, as well as indirect impacts of the pandemic, have been incorporated in this report.

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Who are the Top Market Players?

After a thorough analysis of the market, the experts have listed few key players and discussed company profiles of below-given players –

  • BRP Inc.
  • Polaris Inc.
  • Arctic Cat Inc. (Part of Textron)
  • Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Alpina Snowmobiles S.r.l

What deliverables will you get in this report?

–  In-depth analysis of the Snowmobile Market

–  Detailed market segmentation.

–  Competitive-landscape analysis.

–  Historical, present, and future market size analysis.

–  Industry trends, technologies, and advancements.

–  Growth and operation strategies adopted by key players.

–  Potential segments/regions offering promising growth.

–  Geographical presence of the key players.

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