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Snowclans promote holidays for social ski people

Snowclans was built on the moto “Never ride alone”. Filling in the gap left by large ski tour operators, what started as a soft spot for helping the solo skier has developed into a passion for encouraging and enabling a social ski experience for everyone.

Their 3 core offerings are shared Chalets, group holidays and a ‘Ride Buddy’ community.

Ski chalets are the perfect option for anyone seeking like-minded company

Catered chalets are still the ultimate expression of alpine hospitality and Snowclans believe that this should not be reserved for those lucky enough to gather a group of friends and family who share their passion. Couples, small groups of friends and family (especially those of mixed ability) and individual travellers can all benefit from the convivial atmosphere and hassle free fully catered service.

Snowclans are building towards the largest portfolio of independent shared ski chalets, making browsing options suitable for you far quicker than the patchwork of offers across the web you need to navigate currently. Retaining their focus on helping individual skiers, the collection can be filtered on single and shared rooms, with sole occupancy room pricing and conditions made explicit on every advert.

Giving you a voice & bringing data to the industry

Snowclans members have the unique opportunity to tell the industry what they want. Members submit their ideal holiday for the season and receive tailored offers whenever a matching chalet is updated. Not only is that convenient for the consumer, but it is also valuable for the chalet industry, harvesting the hottest prospects and demonstrating demand.

Maximise your time on the snow

There are more options than you think for getting in your first, second or even third ski holiday of the season.  Whether you want to hone a skill, tour a specific route or just want people to go with for some extra days on the snow, Snowclans database contains 100s of trips to join.

Aggregating these opportunities demonstrates the choice available to skiers and snowboarders, and opens your eyes to the possibilities for more time in the mountains. Championing local and international providers alike, there are options across the globe, from the powder fields of Japan to the fjords of Norway.

Fostering community

There is a growing community of members who found Snowclans through a shared passion for sliding down mountains and meeting others whilst doing it. “Ride Buddies” is like a classifieds ad but for a very specific type of company, connecting those who are self-organising their ski trips and looking for people to join.

Unlike forums and facebook groups, structured adverts clearly state ability levels, locations and dates. Members-only discussion rooms and direct messaging keep conversations private and organised, without getting lost in the endless feeds.

Inclusion at its core

Snowclans is a strictly no-hate zone, “Everyone should feel comfortable joining our community, the mountains are for everyone. It’s not woke, it’s being a decent human being”. This is spelled out in their inclusion policy which both members and businesses must abide by. The brand hopes to partner with snowsports brands who take actions to reach a wider audience than the usual people you’d expect to see on the slopes.

Snowclans is a proudly owned and operated LGBTQIA+ business, because representation matters to those who are marginalised.

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