Ski A to Z by Kimberley Kay

Whats your business background?

After a career in travel PR, managing press offices for three of the UK’s leading travel companies, I now take a more visual approach to communicating. I create bespoke illustrations for advertising, editorial and positive change campaigns, and I offer existing work for license. I enjoy engaging audiences on the themes of sport, wellbeing, travel, and the environment.

Under the brand of Inspire by Kim I create art and illustrations which demonstrate emotion and enjoyment. I’m constantly evolving my work which I share on Instagram feed and Facebook page where I can be found using @inspirebykim.

Why did you decide to write the book?

After a day skiing in Les 3 Vallees I painted ski equipment, I decided to follow the theme of skiing as it something that I have a lot of experience of. The paintings turned into a personal project which I shared on social media as it developed.

I decided I could create a Ski A to Z and then as the content grew I decided that it could become a book. After studying book concept pitching and illustrated book structure I pitched for publishing to Meyer and Meyer Sport. They were immediately interested in the concept and we have worked closely together to make the book happen.

I wanted to show the emotion of skiing which is often hidden in photography by goggles, helmets and big collars, and to tell people many things that no-one tells them when they are learning to ski and therefore can take years to discover.

I love learning so its been a great experience to design the book cover, write the book, illustrate it and plan the layout for the pages. I’m now putting my PR skills to use to tell people about the book so that it can help more people to access the sport, and to provide information to help people safely fast forward to the fun of skiing.

Who is the booked aimed?

Ski A to Z is an illustrated introduction to skiing, intended to demystify the sport so it is for new and novice skiers, although people are telling me that despite having skied for decades they are learning new things from the book. The book is an informative and fun introduction to skiing is and an ideal gift, for anyone interested in skiing, or who is considering trying skiing.

The book is ideal for novice skiers, people who are considering skiing, people who may wish to help their friend and relative to get into the sport, and parents whose children have the opportunity to ski through school. People who work in skiing but have limited experience can get up to speed on the sport quickly.

The book has valuable information and advice that can empower people to enjoy the experience of skiing. Whether they read cover to cover, dip in at random pages, or use it to find specific definitions, it will be a key resource for preparing for mountain experiences.

Ski A to Z is suitable for all ages and is is fully illustrated with bold, informative watercolour paintings and diagrams, along with some baked and stitched elements.

Will the book be available in ski retailers?

Ski A to Z can be ordered through all online book retailers and bookshops, and I am in conversation with ski retailers about stocking the book. There is more information and pre-order links at

Did you enjoy the National Snow Show and will you be back next year?

The National Snow Show was vibrant and there was a real buzz about the coming season. It was great to see ski friends and to make new connections. I’ll definitely be there next year. Maybe I’ll take a stand to offer the book for sale and original artworks and prints.

It has been a difficult few years especially with the impact of Covid-19, what does the future hold?

The recent years and lockdowns have been limiting, however the restrictions took away choices so it presented an opportunity to focus on the book. I feel that as a freelancer the restrictions have meant that it doesn’t matter so much where the freelancer is in relation to the client, I am finding that many of the work opportunities are from across continents.

What is your next project?

I’m busy telling people about the book in creative ways and am working on commissioned  custom illustrations for clients. I am also keen to develop a ski and snowsports themed home furnishings range – I will be pitching to this to retailers in the coming months to hopefully be on sale for Winter 22/23.

Ski A to Z by Kimberley Kay ISBN 9781782552338 Meyer and Meyer Sport (UK) £12.95, USD $12.95

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