Matterhorn Alpine Crossing

Only one year to go for the Matterhorn Alpine Crossing

The pioneering Matterhorn Alpine Crossing project is progressing well. 

The Matterhorn Glacier Ride II will start operating in about a year and complete the premium experience of traveling from Zermatt to Cervinia via the highest border crossing in the Alps. From the 2023 summer season, it will therfore be possible to travel on dry feet from Zermatt over the Theodul Glacier to Cervinia or vice versa.

Vision becomes reality

The construction work is running at full speed, the mountain and valley stations are getting bigger and bigger and soon the aesthetic aspects will be taken care of, such as the enclosure of the stations with wood. For the time being, however, the warm weather is being used to complete the concrete work. The weather plays an important role at this altitude and can very quickly cause a delay in construction planning.

Snow Xperience Plateau Rosa

The new “Snow Xperience Plateau Rosa” experience world around the valley station of the Matterhorn Glacier Ride II will be another highlight at Matterhorn Paradise. Around the station’s modern building, guests will be able to experience a First Snow Experience, among other things, with all equipment available for hire directly on site. Snow tubing – which was previously offered in the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise at the top station – will also find its new location at the bottom station of the Matterhorn Glacier Ride II.

Fly over the Alps

The feeling of flying will be even more intense during the four-minute ride on the Matterhorn Glacier Ride II than on the existing 3S cableway. The reason for this is the very wide span that connects the valley and mountain stations. No masts are needed for the 363-metre difference in altitude. The modern cabins float above the Theodul glacier and offer a breath-taking view thanks to the outstanding design.

You can already get a taste of the spectacular ride on the Matterhorn Glacier Ride II on 

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