ODLO | Brand Profile

Odlo is a Norwegian brand of technical clothing made for the coldest conditions. Ski clothing is worn in a three-layer principle and will serve you faithfully throughout the entire day of skiing. Breathable and functional materials combined with innovative technologies will inspire you. ODLO offers you a wide range of ski jackets, ski trousers, ski suits and ski shirts in which you are guaranteed to be prepared for all weather conditions.

With ODLO, you’re on the safe side. For passionate runners, cycling enthusiasts, nature-loving hikers, or snow-loving winter sports fans, exercise and sport in the fresh air help to clear the mind and generate new strength for the tasks ahead. Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who adventure into the great outdoors every day require high-performance breathable clothing. Trousers should offer maximum comfort: they must not be restrictive and should ensure an even body temperature. Sweat should be effectively transported away from the skin and absorbed, and constant exchange of air during sports and exercise should be promoted. Cyclists who want to explore the beauty of nature from the saddle and climb mountain passes also require excellent thermoregulation and specially padded trousers.

For your outdoor sporting adventures, play it safe with multiple layers of clothing. ODLO has redefined the three-layer principle for all sports enthusiasts and nature-lovers. To withstand changes in weather and temperature, different functional garment layers are combined to improve the balance between warmth and breathability while giving you full freedom of movement for every season. ODLO’s innovative technologies regulate your body temperature and promote moisture management during outdoor sports. Whether you’re climbing snow-capped peaks or enjoying a relaxed jogging session, ODLO keeps you fresh and improves your posture.

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