NuroKor is a Breakthrough bioelectrical wearable technology available to all. If you ever suffer with pain or injury, then take a few minutes out of your day to take a read, you wont regret it!
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NuroKor MiTouch aids recovery for fitness enthusiasts and sportspeople.

NuroKor, one of the UK’s fastest growing health tech startups, is selling its breakthrough bioelectronic wearable technology to the general public.

Already in use with doctors, physiotherapists and professional athletes, the NuroKor MiTouch is now available for fitness enthusiasts and sportspeople of all levels to aid recovery, as well as helping injury management and overall performance.

For thousands of years, electrotherapy has been used to treat and monitor health, but recent explosions in research are leading to greater understandings of the incredible power of our own bioelectrical systems – and devices that activate them

NuroKor technology is available in the NuroKor MiTouch device. The hand-held MiTouch is

programmed with software that uniquely delivers three different types of bioelectrical formulations through the skin: MC2 (the world’s first QuadWave sequential microcurrent treatment), NMS (neuromuscular stimulation) and PNS (peripheral nerve stimulation).

MiTouch delivers the gentle-feeling bioelectrical formulations via electrode pads that attach to the body area or muscles the athlete wishes to target, as well as a number of body area specific treatment accessories.

NuroKor CEO Rick Rowan is a passionate voice for bioelectrical technology to help recovery and manage pain, after it offered him a solution to debilitating back pain.

“I was constantly being told ‘just take the painkillers and anti-inflammatories’ but I simply wouldn’t take that as an answer for the rest of my life.  I discovered research into bioelectric treatments and saw its wide potential.

“I believe NuroKor technology can bring relief to millions of people and not only people with injuries. The same technologies will help athletes speed recovery between competition or training sessions as well as millions of recreational sports people who want to optimise recovery or treat injuries and niggles.

 “Our tireless research and development work means that NuroKor is one of the most advanced devices in bioelectrical wearable technology. Just like effective physical training methods, we don’t offer “one size fits all” product solutions. We offer innovative, individualised  bioelectrical treatment formulations in a wearable solution. We believe there’s nothing else like it in the world.”

NuroKor technology is now used by athletes across a range of sports, offering clear-cut advantages to individuals in sport training, including:

  • Means of recovery
  • Rehabilitation & repair
  • Maximum strength enhancement

Ultra-runner Robbie Briton who uses the MiTouch said of his device: “The NuroKor is a really practical recovery device that I can take with me to races and when training overseas. It’s easy to use and I’m still discovering new ways to utilise its recovery tech for different muscle groups”.

Great Britain team skier Charlie Guest believes NuroKor is perfect for recovery on the move: “We have competitions and training all over the world, so being able to get recovery in on the move is a massive advantage. NuroKor allows me to be recovering in the best way possible between one mountain and the next!”

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