National Snow Show


Donations will be made from the show’s profit to support our charities & the work they do to educate & promote sustainability within the snowsports world. Sustainability focused content – educating & presenting our audience with ways to be more sustainable whilst highlighting the current issues, working with partners to align over sustainability initiatives & provide a platform for the broadcast of these. Sustainability & sustainable thinking is interwoven into the event’s strategy from marketing to operations. We will highlight & promote our exhibitors who are consciously taking action.


The National Snow Show is the vessel for growth of the UK snowsports industry, encouraging people to re-ignite their passion for snowsports & allowing others to discover the sport. The National Snow Show is the heart of this growth making it a must attend event. We have an inside-out marketing strategy & make the show accessible for all from ticket pricing to exhibitor rates.


This is all about our brands. Attendees will discover new brands & products, learn about the products, equipment & gear that they use & want to purchase. Human interaction, 1st hand tips & advice from the experts & pros. Its the gear that keeps us going and able to hit the slopes in which ever discipline we choose, it is part of the culture and the life blood of the industry. When we talk about retail we also include the destinations, resorts & tour operators who are just as important in allowing us to explore our snowsport passion.


Raccoon Events is an exciting and dynamic UK events business run by a group of exhibition and digital marketing experts. The team at Raccoon Events is small but has a wealth of event experience – collectively over 80 years of organising exhibitions and conferences in key locations all over the world. Other events within their portfolio include the National Running Show and the National Outdoor Expo.

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