Montgenèvre (Hautes-Alpes, France) | Ski Resort

Montgenèvre is part of the incredible Milky-Way ski area, which offers 48 runs over 99 km. It skis between France and Italy to the pretty resort of Clavière. Montgenèvre appeals to families and budget travellers, and on average costs much less than its neighbours.

The Montgenèvre resort was born one day in 1907. A hundred years of social events, sporting events, a hundred years of complicity, of history, a hundred years of development which will be celebrated with dignity this year. How to imagine, today, by discovering the village, the snow front, the half-pipe, the ballet of the carriers, the colorful spectacle of the skiers, that Montgenèvre is celebrating its one hundred and thirteen years this year?

Driven by the dynamics of the Olympic Games, in 2006 it gave itself a second youth. And can remember, with emotion but without nostalgia, the old days when chic Parisian circles came to show themselves on its terraces. It was in 1895 that skiing appeared for the first time in the village: two Norwegian officers carried out a ski demonstration there and introduced French soldiers to this practice.

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