Matterhorn Alpine Crossing – step by step to your goal

The winter break on the Matterhorn Glacier Ride II construction sites is over and construction work resumed in February.

In a first phase, the construction sites on the Klein Matterhorn, the Testa Griggia and the material depot on Laghi Cime Bianche were cleared of ice and snow. Strong winds during the winter months have caused drifts and accumulations of snow several meters high.

Anton Lauber – head of the construction department at Zermatt Bergbahnen – has had months of office-heavy work and is happy to be out on the construction sites more often. The construction of the Matterhorn Glacier Ride II is entering the next round.

The weather and the conditions at almost 4,000 meters are unpredictable and will continue to play a decisive role.

“Fortunately, we can’t influence the weather, that is and remains in the power of nature,” said Lauber. Nevertheless, he is confident that the new Matterhorn Glacier Ride II from the Klein Matterhorn down to the Testa Griggia can be put into operation in spring 2023.

The next phase: installation of the electromechanical railway technology

The gradually warming temperatures are excellent for tackling the remaining concrete work. For these, it should be as dry and mild as possible so that the concrete can harden. In addition, in cooperation with Leitner, the cable car support structures are assembled and the electromechanics installed. During this phase, the construction team will reach its maximum size of around 70 people.

Another 3 phases planned until the opening

In a further phase, the valley and mountain stations are to be almost completed by autumn 2022. This also includes the enclosure of the stations. The implementation of the photovoltaic system is also planned here. Around 45 panels are mounted on the facade of the mountain station.

The most spectacular part – the cable pull – has now been scheduled for the winter of 22/23, as there is less activity on the glacier during this time and the effort for securing work can therefore be reduced. In the final phase, the cabins will be assembled and the Matterhorn Glacier Ride II will be subject to final acceptance by the Federal Office of Transport.

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