Jungfrau Winter Sports Pass

Jungfrau Ski Region makes changes to its Sport Pass

A new lift pass has been introduced for the 2022-23 winter ski season that includes all resorts in the Jungfrau region with the division of three sub-regions (Jungfrau, Grindelwald-Wengen, Mürren-Schilthorn) abolished.

The Jungfrau Winter Sport Pass will offer guests a convenient journey to and from Interlaken with the integration of the Bernese Oberland Railway (BOB), with a direct connection to the Grindelwald Terminal. 

A spokesperson from Jungfrau Railways said: “With the integration of the Bernese Oberland Railway, the valleys should be relieved of individual traffic on the roads. In this way, we take our responsibility for ecological sustainability seriously and try to strengthen it”. 

The new Jungfrau Winter Sport Pass costs CHF 75 for one day and CHF 385 for 6 days. For young people (age 16-19), the cost of a day pass has been reduced from CHF 53 (Grindelwald-Wengen and Mürren-Schilthorn) or CHF 60 (Jungfrau), to CHF 45 for the Jungfrau Winter Sports Pass. The Jungfrau Ski Region wants to promote enthusiasm for winter sports among young people. The offer for Children (6-15) to ski for free on Saturday remains in place.

The adrenaline fuelled zip lines on First Mountain, the First Flyer and First Glider, are now available on the new Jungfrau Winter Sports pass. With speeds up to 85 km’s / hour and spectacular views of the Eiger, these 800 metre zip lines can be experienced by anyone with a lift ticket.

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