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Also check out the NEW Dynastar Ski and Lange Ski boot range.

Speed 963

Introducing the ideal tool for on-piste carving. The SPEED 963 is the ultimate top-of-the-range technical ski offering incisive and precise handling, as well as “ALIVE” skiability, the legendary and highly prized Dynastar delicate snow feel. Its completely novel structure combines a hybrid core and the new V TECH technology to ensure: power, control and agility… on every turn.

When the desire for freedom hiding deep within each of us resurfaces, it drives us instinctively to explore the mountains. Its almost animalistic and there’s nothing we can do to resist. Naturally passionate, profoundly imprinted with creativity and commitment, everyone is looking for their

own line.  The perfect line:  pure and unique.  A subjective quest that belongs only to us and our own personal perception of the mountain. On the fringes of the crowd of skiers, it’s time to invent your own path, one that no one else can see and depends only on you:  become a line hunter. M-Line has designed its 4 ranges with this in mind: M-FREE, M-PRO, M-TOUR and M-VERTICAL: a complete range of tailor-made tools to approach and feel the mountain in your own way.

The M-FREE range is meant for creative skiers searching for a playful and agile ski to help you get away from it all on virgin terrain and express your creativity with complete confidence.  The result of collaboration with the talented Richard Permin it offers three progressive freeride models suitable here for powder snow, steep slopes and snowy forests… or even chalet roofs

M-Free 99

Fans of fast-paced descents, kick turns between pine trees and wild sessions beside the piste can now find their perfect ski. The Hybrid Core technology combines Poplar, a natural and high-performance material offering an excellent balance of rigidity and responsiveness, with P.U. for suppleness and ideal dampening. Turn heads on the powder, express your creativity, expand your horizons… The only limit is you.

XT3 Tour Pro

Get up to get away for adventure. The all-new XT3 TOUR gets Lange’s legendary downhill performance designed into a lightweight Vibram full touring norm uphill boot. Using ultra-lightweight Grilamid plastic and friction-free hinges for effortless hiking and skinning uphill. Dual Core technology and Active Power V-Lock ensure all the precision and power on the downhill. The XT3 TOUR is a new standard for touring boots that can go up with the best of them, but over delivers on the downhill. Meticulously crafted to account for every moment of your next alpine adventure, we’ve designed the all-new XT3 TOUR for those who want to push further into the mountains and GET UP TO GET AWAY.

RX 130 LV

The perfect balance of performance and comfort. Designed to deliver the power and precision demanded by the most committed all-mountain skiers, the new RX 130 Low Volume offers a racing pedigree with a more inclusive high-performance fit. Our new Dual Core shell construction and Dual 3D liner integrate perfectly, ensuring unparalleled foot-wrapping and precision. The new innovative RBT tongue provides energetic power transmission and rebound. Made with high energy polyurethane material and moulded in a reactive honeycomb structure, the R.B.T. provides more dynamic flex, rebound and energetic power.  R.B.T. allows every skier to be more balanced and harness all the power driven to and from the ski.

The new RX specific fit retains Lange’s strong heel lock and foot hold with more instant “out-of-the-box” comfort.

E-Lite 5

For a comfortable transition to carving turns. The E-LITE 5 supports advanced women skiers with the perfect balance of lightness, power and fluidity… This new women’s ski is packed with features for technical skiers. Incorporating all the benefits of the Hybrid Core technology with its blend of PU and poplar wood, the E LITE 5, in combination with its XPRESS binding system, offers a lighter weight, a very smooth snow feel and great performance on all types of piste. Its matt/gloss and white-on-white effects make this ski a stylish weapon to tackle any challenge.




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