blackcrows pursuit of pleasure

blackcrows releases brand campaign, Pursuit of Pleasure

blackcrows, the iconic French ski brand focused on design-driven high performance ski products and apparel, just launched its brand campaign Pursuit of Pleasure highlighting community, joy of life and the universal values that bond people beyond the slopes –  love of the mountains, the people and the descent.

“Skiing is a pleasure, we are extremely lucky to do it,” said Camille Jaccoux, co-founder,  blackcrows. These words are the inspiration for the brand campaign which celebrates the reason why blackcrows was founded. “We aim for the pleasure of senses through freedom and discovery,” said Giorgio Saviane, chief marketing officer, blackcrows. “The goal of the campaign is to celebrate community through the love of skiing of which we share universal values that bond us beyond the slopes.”

In the campaign blackcrows shares this sentiment by telling individual stories of diverse characters and personalities of the brand, brought together by common values. “For us, pursuit of pleasure is not a theme but an expression of the brand’s purpose. A platform that has the potential for years to come, moving from inspiring to enabling while also creating programs that keep the pleasure of skiing alive.”

“Since founding blackcrows we have met many individuals,” says Jaccoux. “Our community has grown thanks to our differences, as well as a simple, pivotal common love for snow, the mountains and skiing. We may not have the same definition of joy, happiness or freedom but we all agree on one simple, bare truth – together we fly higher.”

Throughout the year, the campaign will serve as a platform to discover more stories for blackcrows and will celebrate multiple athlete film launches including Wolf featuring Sam Favret, Wavy2 featuring Nikolai Schirmer and Celeste Pomerantz and many more.

This winter, blackcrows will renew the ski sauvage program, a van that moves from ski area to ski area inviting ski enthusiasts to come and test blackcrows’ latest collection of skis with dates to be announced, open a pop-up boutique, the Paris Nest, in the Latin Quarter of Paris and bring back the Unlimited Festival in Chamonix April 5 – 9.

Enjoy yourself and join the blackcrows squadron on a quest for freedom and adventure in a new season and the pursuit of pleasure.

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