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Recently I caught up with Cara Brown, British Ski Champion and friend of Winter Insight, to talk through some of her top product reviews.

Cara is multiple GB Ski Champion & competed at the highest level for many years.

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Cara Brown, British Ski Champion

Next up on her reviews and recommendations is the Shred NoShock Back Protector Naked… 

When people ask me what protective gear I wear when I’m skiing then I always say helmet AND back protector.

Back protectors are no longer bulky and uncomfortable like they used to be.

Shred have come up with their own special material, “Slytech foam”, which remains soft and pliable until it comes under impact when it instantly solidifies. It’s pretty cool, you can try it out by simply punching the foam!

This is probably one of the most comfortable pieces of safety equipment you’ll ever own, and a back protector also doubles up as an extra layer to keep you warm.

My favourite is the NoShock as it’s the one I’ve always used, but the Flexi protector is just good and has the bonus of coming in a Mini size to keep young shredders safe. 

Cara Brown is a professional Ski Racer & now coach. More information about Cara & her career can be found HERE

For more information visit SHRED’S Home Page

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