EYEPOD Prescription Sports Glasses | Video Review

Recently we spoke with a company called EYEPOD. It sounds familiar, but very different to the music players associated with a similar name.

As someone who wears glasses all day to work, I am lucky that my vision is still very good & don’t require corrective lenses for Sporting activities.

However, that is not the same for a lot of people & I’ve encountered many people who struggle with the right glasses for Sport, including our test subject for these glasses, my father Jon Clark.

Jon is 61, exercises regularly & wears varifocals. He struggles with finding a sports Sunglass & tends to use contacts where possible. We invited Jon to test these out & give us his real world view, check out the video below.

Overall Jon was really impressed by the glasses, the multiple lenses, use cases & value for money. It’s a thumbs up from us here at Winter Insight!

For the EYEPOD Website Click here – Eyepod

For the Sports glasses division Home – Sports Glasses Online

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