SunGod sets new standard for vision with new snow lens tech

British performance eyewear specialist SunGod has unveiled a new snow goggle lens technology: 8KO®️snow.

Lighter, clearer and stronger than ever before, the 8KO®️snow lenses are built with new, industry-leading 2mm nylon technology, for the best optical clarity on the mountain. 

Building on the success of the brand’s 8KO®️ lens technology in its award-winning sunglasses ranges – described by The Independent as “really staggering lens technology” – in January 2022, SunGod is rolling the technology out across its Snow Series, so skiers and snowboarders can enjoy the same crystalline visual quality.
8KO®️snow lenses feature an impressive Abbe Value of 45, in comparison to the brand’s original 4KO®️snow material’s 31. Plus, with 100% UV protection, anti-fog technology and triple-layer scratch resistance, and SunGod’s unrivalled Lifetime Guarantee as standard, skiers and snowboarders can ride with complete confidence on every turn.

The new lens technology is now available across an 8-colour collection (including two “High-Vis” options for low light) for SunGod’s bestselling snow goggles, the Vanguards and the Snipers. The new technology will be adopted by some of the world’s best snowsports athletes, including last season’s Freeride World Tour champion skier Maxime Chabloz, and British Olympic snowboarder Katie Ormerod.

SunGod Snow Series goggles with 8KO®️snow lens technology are priced from £135, available at https://sungod.to/8KOsnow/ .

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