Ski film “The Ultimate Run” wins Sports Emmy Award

The outstanding ski film “The Ultimate Run” by Markus Eder won the Sports Emmy Award in the category “Outstanding Camera Work – Long Form” in New York.

With this, the Marker, Dalbello and Völkl athlete has achieved something that not many have accomplished before him: rarely is a ski film nominated for the Sports Emmy Awards – even more rarely is it honoured with the award and recognised by the mainstream media beyond the ski world. 

Markus Eder’s ten-minute film, “The Ultimate Run”, captures all of his skiing skills in a single, impressive run that unites every sub-genre of modern freeskiing. It took two years to assemble the footage that eventually became the ultimate run from the top of the Zermatt Glacier, across the Klausberg ski area in South Tyrol, and all the way down to Eder’s home village. It also involved cutting-edge camera work, including aerial and remote cinematography, follow-cam segments, as well as race drone footage.

“’The Ultimate Run’ allowed me to wrap my entire skiing spectrum into a single edit. We filmed a top-to-bottom run in my hometown of Klausberg and were finally able to shoot at all the spots I’ve been dreaming of for years,” said Markus Eder.

What makes the film, written by Markus Eder and directed by Christoph Thoresen, so masterful – apart from Eder’s breathtaking skiing skills – is the thoughtful and artistic intent behind it. Everything from the careful selection of natural settings that Eder makes his playground, to the settings, sound, and lighting, makes “The Ultimate Run” much more than just another ski film.

Jonathan Wiant, Elevate Outdoor Collective / President Völkl Marker Dalbello Sports, congratulates Markus Eder and the team on the outstanding achievement and sees it also as a success for the ski world: “We are proud to have such a talented athlete on the team. He shares his skiing passion with the world through this breathtaking film and thus also inspires many for winter sports. It’s a masterpiece of skiing and art that truly deserves the award.”

The film was produced by Legs of Steel productions and co-produced by Red Bull.

Markus Eder won the Sports Emmy Award in the category “Outstanding Camera Work – Long Form”
Markus Eder won the Sports Emmy Award in the category “Outstanding Camera Work – Long Form”

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