blackcrows debuts Fall/Winter 2023-2024 skis

blackcrows, the iconic French ski brand focused on design-driven high performance ski products and apparel, introduces its highly anticipated Fall/Winter 2023-2024 ski collection, featuring an updated powder ski, reinvigorated mirus cor and fully revamped graphics. 

“This collection is more than just skis; it’s a celebration of the vibrant community that forms the core of blackcrows,” said Giorgio Saviane, chief marketing officer, blackcrows. The central motif of this year’s collection is a celebration of the blackcrows community which is perfectly encapsulated by the new graphics. Crafted from six chevrons soaring in harmonious flight formation, the designs symbolize the unity of skiers coming together on the slopes, skiing as a synchronized squadron. From the tips to the tails of the skis, the logo is displayed, a testament to the shared spirit that defines our skiing culture. The logo on the all-terrain skis is sleek and gets increasingly more precise and refined throughout the ski and the big mountain range is represented by big bold logos magnified until they are almost unrecognizable 

“What you see most while you’re skiing is the front of your boot,” said Yorgo Tloupas, Paris-based designer behind blackcrows skis. “We wanted the skis to be highly identifiable even while you’re skiing so that the skier is carried along, inspired by the design. The philosophy behind our new collection is to make our skis not only perform at their best but also be an extension of the skier’s identity and passion.”

Embrace the Sleek and Spirited All-Terrain Adventure

The all-terrain range isn’t just about skiing; it’s a symbiotic dance of technique and terrain. The collection is joyful, agile, and sharp and showcases a sleek logo that evolves. This graphic evolution mirrors the precision of carving curves and the decisive attention to every detail of the turn, delivering an almost cosmic sense of unity between skier and slope. 

A staple of the all-terrain range is the Mirus Cor.  The Mirus Cor is a fusion of performance and design, bridging freestyle and contemporary carving. With a playful rocker tip and tail, it navigates both piste and off piste with grace. Its construction, featuring a semi-cap design and ABS sidewalls, combined with a poplar/fiberglass core and single titanal plate, results in a ski that embodies accessibility, strength, and most importantly– boundless creativity. The Mirus Cor is an invitation to explore the freestyle carving side of all-terrain skiing, offering unparalleled grip, reactivity and top performance.

Unveiling the Bold and Graceful Big Mountain

The Big Mountain collection is for those who live by the creed “go big or go home.” Embodying this mantra, blackcrows Big Mountain range is the brand’s DNA – one that embodies the spirit of charging hard, embracing supersized turns and soaring over big cliffs. The logo is a masterpiece that defies the untrained eye, magnified to the point of near obscurity, yet retaining its graceful geometry and proportions. This visual metamorphosis is more than an emblem; it’s a testament to the dynamic harmony between boldness and grace in the heart of every blackcrows skier.

This year, blackcrows is introducing the third generation of the iconic Nocta powder ski which is the ultimate tool for aficionados of the deep. This ski boasts an impeccable balance between camber and playfulness, setting the stage for an exhilarating but sturdy ride. The captivating design, with its stability and assurance at all speeds, is made for skiers who revel in thick blankets of snow. 

As winter approaches, blackcrows continues to evolve in pursuit of pleasure, inviting all to follow along for more skiing, announcements and new product drops. 

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