APHEX goggles now on sale in the UK

APHEX goggles are now being sold in the UK for the first time.

They will be available in several stores across the country and also available at the National Snow Show in Birmingham and London this October. 

An eco-forward brand, APHEX offers ski goggles available as a three-part system with a choice of frame, lens and strap. The result is a customised look with parts that can be ordered individually and changed out in seconds. The joy of APHEX goggles is that users can change straps and lenses as they wish, ensuring they have the look they want on the slopes. 

The APHEX Styx Ski Goggles became an award-winning ski goggle earlier this year after scooping the Fresh New Brand Award at SLIDE 2023 – the principal UK outdoor trade show.  Since this win, APHEX have gone from strength to strength, gaining momentum with UK skiers and snowboarders.  

Durability and waste reduction have underpinned the development of APHEX, as have the credentials of the materials they are made from. 65% of flexible plastics are biobased, 100% of their hard plastic is recycled, and 100% of the strap fabric is made of recycled bottles.

As well as first-rate eco-credentials, APHEX comes with first-rate lenses too, that can be easily changed to suit varying weather conditions. The APHEX goggle system uses interchangeable magnetic lenses and a rapid strap system making it quick and easy to change either item. Its frames come with an Airflux system and anti-fogging on all inner lenses. 

The 2023-24 collection is priced at £139.95 for a package that includes a choice of frame, strap and lens and a low light lens. Additional lenses can also be added to the package.

Julie Slaughter, from Wipeout Store, the UK distributor for APHEX Goggles said: “I continue to be impressed with the quality and sustainability of APHEX Goggles, and since becoming the UK distributor, I have received a lot of positive feedback from shops, journalists and people testing the goggles. I am delighted that we now have APHEX in several UK shops, allowing British skiers the chance to see them in the flesh and consider buying them for their next ski holiday!”

APHEX goggles are now available in store at,http://www.montagnesports.com and They will also be on the Ski Exchange stand at the National Snow Show in Birmingham (14-15 October 2023) and London (21-22 October 2023).

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