Panda Optics Cove2 – Black Polarised

The Cove2 is our latest lifestyle sunglasses, developed from the original Cove sunglasses. We have taken the best bits from the original shape and style whilst adding new features which make the Cove2 a more versatile frame.

Nose and temple grip make the Cove2 a versatile sports and lifestyle option.

Our trademark polarised lens is perfect for glare reduction and clear contrast.


  • 100% UV protection
  • Fully polarised with orange mirrored effect.
  • Reduces glare & blue light (creates a greater contrast of colours)
  • Category 2 VLT (18-45%)


  • TR90 frame – New lightweight thermoplastic material with enhanced durability and flexibility. Flexibility makes the frames particularly comfortable around ears.



  • moulded box for safe storage
    • Sunglasses with polarised lens
    • Microfibre bag for cleaning and storage


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