Ledlenser KidLED4R Rechargeable Head Torch

The Ledlenser KidLED4R head torches will provide not only safety, but hours of adventure and fun for kids.

Whether for reading at night, safely walking outside or playing under the imaginary living room fort, these head lights are colourful, easy to use and feature a rechargeable battery.

Features include fun colourful headband graphics, white, red and blue lights with flashing functions, a simple adjustable headband and an energy saving option that turns off after 20 minutes to save battery. The actual light can be removed from the headband and clipped onto backpacks and jackets too!


  • Low Power 5 lumens, 2 meters for 18 hrs
  • Standard Power 40 lumens, 9 meters for 2 hrs
  • Blink Mode


  • Rechargeable – save money, batteries and reduce environmental impact
  • Clever optics with glare reduction cover to protect sensitive children’s eyes
  • Adjustable Headband – easy to use headband that can be quickly adjusted
  • Detachable Light – light can be removed from headband and clipped onto a backpack, jacket or hat
  • Front Switch – on the front of the head torch for easy control
  • Energy Saving – automatic switch off after 20 minutes if desired
  • Multi-colour Lights – select white, red or blue based on lighting needs and situations


  • Micro USB Charging Cable


Standard warranty period of 2 years. Be confident that we stand behind the craftsmanship and quality of our products.

Contact: [email protected]

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