Falke Tight Fit Underwear

When I first got my hands on this Falke top I was impressed by the feel of the material. I did have one reservation and that was to do with the fit. It lives up to it’s name of “tight fit” but once I did some research and had an opportunity to speak to the Falke rep I understood why.

This thermal top does two jobs, the first one is to keep you warm, I tested this top for six days in La Plagne and was very impressed by the moisture management and the warmth.  We had temperatures of around -11c in the morning and these crept up to around +2c by the afternoon, so a good test in cold and warmer temps for skiing.

The second job this top does is act like a compression top, this was a pleasant surprise.  I have never used a compression top and was interested to see if there was any notable impact when skiing.  I have a damaged right shoulder so I was keen to see if this top might help a little.  After putting the top on and getting used to the close fit, layering up ready for the days skiing, it was time to hit the slopes.

The first day was easy, both my wife and I needed to find our ski legs so we took it easy, on the second day we planned a much longer day skiing and this would be the first test.  At lunchtime when we stopped, I was very impressed with the comfort level. The moisture had been wicked away and I was not getting too hot. The top was very comfortable to wear, no seams to rub or pressure points.

After the first day skiing we got back to the hotel and this was where I felt the effect of a compression top, the upper body felt great. My muscles recovered much quicker than in the past and I felt ready for the next day’s skiing.  My shoulder also felt great, non of the usual pains and niggles.

These tops are available with the bottoms and I would recommend getting the set. If the top is anything to go by the bottoms will be amazing. If you want a great thermal top, great at moving moisture and with the added benefit of a compression top this is the base layer for you.  When you first try the top on you will think it’s either too small or too tight.  Don’t worry the benefits soon shine through. I cant wait to use this top for a long distance walk.

Falke a job well done!


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