The importance of good winter footwear in snow and ice highlighted by recent report

Research carried out by Finnish outdoor brand Halti has shown that the risk of injury due to slipping on ice and snow is now at least double compared to the risk of being injured when skiing.

Since the 1970s, the overall risk of being injured in a skiing accident has decreased by between 80 and 90%, mainly due to advances in ski equipment. In comparison, the risk of being injured after slipping on ice and snow has remained the same during the same period.

The report found that the most important factor to reduce the risk of an individual slipping and falling on ice or snow is grip or friction between the shoe and surface. It goes on to conclude that using an appropriate shoe or boot with increased friction, reduces the risk of slipping by over half. This has shone the spotlight on the importance of appropriate and quality footwear when in snowy conditions, such as in a ski resort.

Halti is a Finnish outdoor brand with over 40 years of experience, existing to connect people with nature and create innovative products for the outdoors. Halti’s Tornio DrymaxX Winterboot is being labelled as the ultimate winterboot for a tough winter environment. The boot boasts the new Halti GripmaxX Arctic outsole for unrivalled grip, a phylon midsole for lightness and shock absorbing, and a durable rubber outsole designed for snow and slush. Additionally, the classic leather boot has Thinsulate wadding, with waterproof DrymaxX membrane, and textile fur lining – which makes it waterproof and super warm.

Jason Summerfield, Halti Country Manager said: “This report highlights how important an effective winter boot is in snowy conditions, and although it may seem obvious that you should wear a shoe or boot with good quality grip in winter, we often see people in normal trainers or shoes that are not built for the snow.

“Halti has always committed to producing high quality outdoor products which really do work in the conditions they are built for, and the Tornio DrymaxX Winterboot is no exception. This kind of quality boot will not only help lower the risk of slipping in snow or ice, but it will also keep feet toasty warm.”

Halti’s Tornio DrymaxX Winterboot costs £130 and is available in the UK at Snow+Rock, Katherine Partis, Cotswold Outdoor, EcoSki and independent outdoor & ski shops across the UK.

For more information about Halti visit www.halti.com

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