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The Deeluxe brand was born in 2004 in Marseille, from a collaboration between two brothers. In just 15 years, Deeluxe has become a leading lifestyle fashion brand. From basic streetwear to chic basics, Deeluxe offers original and urban collections for men, women and children.

Deeluxe is a family business created in 2004 by two brothers from Marseille, Jean-Michel and Laurent Sanchez. 
The creation of Deeluxe is no coincidence, as the two brothers have been growing up in the textile world since the 1990s. 

They started as independent multi-brand retailers and soon decided to create their own clothing brand : Deeluxe. With their travelling spirit, the two brothers are inspired by their many travels around the world. 
From the United States to Asia and Europe, they created the Deeluxe universe by capturing the Jeaner and sportswear trend.

Today, the brand has evolved along with the trends and still offers sportswear collections that are as chic and casual as ever. 
It is in this evolution that Deeluxe gave birth to the Women and Children universe.

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