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Specialising in extreme sports, the Californian brand DC shoes has diversified its targets for 18 years with incredible ranges of boots, snowboards, technical clothing and high-performance clothing equipped with the best technology for your winter adventures.

Turning learners into legends, DC Shoes represents a bunch of big kids that never left the skate park. A skateboard brand that just can’t follow the status quo, our rider rebellion was born at street level, creating kick ass skateboards and apparel that could handle the highs and lows of our kick push culture. More than wood and wheels, we’ve maintained our skate credentials as the best skateboard brand for park rats and professionals alike, designing sick decks and streetwear that have taken our four-wheeled movement from the backstreets to one of the biggest urban sports. Drop in, it’s about to get wild…

Swapping wheels for the white stuff, our altitude attitude to snowboard style brings urban grinding to the world’s wild places. Designing a selection of snowboard clothes for today’s all season snowboarders, we might have been born in the skate park, but we cut our teeth in the backcountry, too. The best snowboard brand for inner city style with an extreme edge, DC is the snowboard brand that blends urban innovation with sky-high style. Cutting through the hype to give you hardcore performance with a playful edge, we’ve brought the same professionalism to our snowboards as we do to our ski clothes, offering streamlined precision in all our ski/snowboard equipment. Built with a serious work wear edge, our durable snowboard decks and sub-zero outerwear offer a no-nonsense park style and the design to back it up. Designed for pipe players and snow line chasers, our breathable, waterproof and storm resistant jackets, pants, gloves and goggles sort the men from the boys, offering heavy duty innovation and fearless high tech for any bone crunching mission into the unknown.

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