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Aztech Mountain | Brand Profile

David Roth and Heifara Rutgers founded Aztech Mountain in 2013, joined in 2016 by Olympic gold medalist Bode Miller. Their refined cuts and fits fully address comfort and utilitarian needs. They are versatile, technical and up to date skiwear. Aztech Moutain is committed to exceptional products that are built to last. The trio is launching its womenswear line in 2019, mixing quilted outerwear with streamlined lines and thermal properties in a neutral colour palette.

“Born and raised in Aspen, we are proud to call this magical place our home. Aspen and the mountains that surround it serve as our muse. Originally a booming (and bustling) mining town, it was not until the 1930s when Walter and Elizabeth Paepcke had the vision to turn Aspen and her mountains into a ski town of legendary proportions.

Aspen has served as the backbone to a community of those who seek the ultimate in cultural, physical and spiritual adventures of all kinds. Kindred spirits – ski gangs, artists, movie stars, regular Joe’s – added to Aspen’s colorful and dynamic heritage. We celebrate those Aspenites who came before us and we thank them for teaching us the importance of celebrating life with family and friends.”

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