Atomic ULTRA XTD 130 Tech GW 20/21

The Ultimate all rounder?

The Atomic Ultra XTD 130 is arguably the future of modern ski boots in many ways.

  • Downhill Skiing- Check
  • Uphill Ski Touring – Check
  • Lightweight – Check
  • Customisable shell – Check

It’s a good start, & at an RRP of £XXXX you would expect this boot to have all the top features.

Firstly, like any boots, make sure this model fits your foot type at a boot fitting specialist. it might not, but there are other options in this area.

Picking this boot up is the first wow factor. Like many of the Ultra boots from Atomic it’s incredible lightweight, but also incredibly strong.

The fit is Narrow, ideal for Skinny-Medium feet, but the shell can be fully customised for those slightly larger feet. A good fitter will talk you through this.

You can find the boot on Atomic’s website here & their dealer list here.